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Richard Hackerman

Your Top-rated and Highly Trusted Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

mostbet kzRichard Hackerman is here if you are looking for the best creative repayment plan or solution for your enormous debts, going through a messy divorce, or being a victim of medical malpractice or personal injury. When times become unpredictable, they may place you in a situation where you struggle financially to make ends meet. It is time to seek the professional assistance of the most trusted and highly recommended lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland!

What We Do?

Richard Hackerman can help you get through the legal proceedings of filing for bankruptcy and make you see the underlying benefits of choosing the right type of bankruptcy. He can also help you find alternate solutions to reduce or eliminate your debts.  Be it Chapter 13, chapter 7, or debt settlement, Richard Hackerman can assist you in dealing with your financial issues.

Whether it is negotiating a contract, post-sale title, or warranty issues, Richard Hackerman can assist.  Richard Hackerman has extensive experience litigating real estate issues including ownership disputes, landlord/tenant, receivership issues, and problems with mortgage lenders.  Richard Hackerman can institute foreclosure for investors holding notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, and tax sale certificates.  Both foreclosure issues and landlord/tenant matters have become far more complicated and fraught with potential traps, competent legal representation is a must.

Richard J. Hackerman can provide you with the necessary representation required for these cases.

Maryland now has dramatically quickened the divorce process:

You can file for a fast divorce in Baltimore or anywhere else in Maryland if:

The court may decree an absolute divorce on the following grounds:

(1) 6-month separation, if the parties have lived separate and apart for 6 months without interruption before the filing of the application for divorce;

(2) irreconcilable differences based on the reasons stated by the complainant for the permanent termination of the marriage; or

(3) mutual consent, if:

(i) the parties execute and submit to the court a written settlement agreement signed by both parties that resolves all issues relating to:

  1. alimony;
  2. the distribution of property, including the relief provided in §§ 8-205 and 8-208 of this article; and
  3. the care, custody, access, and support of minor or dependent children;

(ii) the parties attach to the settlement agreement a completed child support guidelines worksheet if the settlement agreement provides for the payment of child support;

(iii) neither party files a pleading to set aside the settlement agreement prior to the divorce hearing required under the Maryland Rules; and

(iv) after reviewing the settlement agreement, the court is satisfied that any terms of the agreement relating to minor or dependent children are in the best interests of those children.


Having an experienced attorney by your side who understands how to navigate through these emotionally charged situations can give you an advantage. Richard J. Hackerman of Fast Divorce Lawyer can easily guide you through all the processes of fast divorce in Baltimore and the whole of Maryland.


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Thousands of foreclosures are filed each month and the vast majority of homeowners do nothing to defend their rights or their home. Most people don’t know what to do when they fall behind on their mortgage. Richard Hackerman has developed effective plans to defend and deal with foreclosure.

Whether you require an attorney to institute a tax sale foreclosure on your behalf after you purchased a tax sale certificate, or you need to defend a tax sale case brought against you, Richard Hackerman has over 40 years of experience both prosecuting and defending these cases.

A personal injury is an injury to the body, mind, and emotion as opposed to an injury to property. Personal injury cases are based on the doctrine of negligence. Every person is required to act responsibly to avoid putting others at risk. Examples of personal injury cases are auto accidents, slip and fall cases, unfortunate happenings in stores, and problems with streets and sidewalks owned by businesses or governmental agencies. If you have been injured as a result of actions by others please call Richard Hackerman, your trusted personal injury attorney in Baltimore, Maryland.

When you or a loved one are injured at work a workers’ compensation claim should be filed.  There are time limits to filing.  Some benefits may be available including payment of medical bills, disability payments while you are unable to work, and benefits for permanent injury after you have completed treatment.

Bankruptcy can provide relief. Some taxes and penalties are dischargeable; those that can’t be discharged can be paid without interest in Chapter 13. The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops collection actions by taxing authorities, including garnishment and seizure. These provisions of the law apply equally to state and federal tax agencies.

The precise measure of the relief available in bankruptcy depends on a number of factors including: 

  1. the kind of tax involved
  2. the age of the tax
  3. whether a return was filed
  4. the chapter of bankruptcy selected


In general, unsecured income taxes that were first due more than three years before the bankruptcy is filed for which a timely and non-fraudulent return was filed, can be discharged in full in any chapter of bankruptcy.

Richard Hackerman has a degree in Law and a Masters Degree in Taxation. He is a member of the United States Tax Court. He is among the top tax attorneys in Baltimore who can assist with the following services:

Bankruptcy Tax Relief
Installment agreements
Garnishments & Levies
Offers in Compromise

An Installment Agreement is an agreement in which the Internal Revenue Service permits a person to pay delinquent tax liabilities over time. I will attempt to negotiate an Installment Agreement for you. These negotiations can be difficult and require the knowledge of the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. I can also work with you to attempt to reach an agreement with the State of Maryland.

An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the taxpayer and the government that settles a tax liability for payment of less than the total amount due. The Internal Revenue Service may accept an offer in compromise when it appears that the tax liability cannot be collected in full and the amount the taxpayer is offering equals at a minimum the smallest amount that the IRS believes that it can collect from the taxpayer’s assets and income.

Richard J. Hackerman is experienced in dealing with your financial matters. He is one of the top-performing Baltimore tax attorneys. You may call him at 410-243-8800 for a free consultation

Richard Hackerman can assist in the preparation of your Last Will Testament.  The preparation of the will is one of the most important things that a person ever does.  It determines how one’s assets are distributed after their death.  It is your opportunity to express your love and gratitude for those individuals who have been the most important in your life.

The process of settling the estate is referred to as estate administration.  If a person had executed a valid will, the terms of the will normally will determine how the assets of the estate are distributed and who will be the Personal Representative.  Where there is no will, state law will determine how the assets will be distributed.  There is an order of priority that will determine who will be beneficiaries of the estate and who will be the personal representative when there is no will.  Richard Hackerman will guide you through the probate process.

Richard Hackerman represents clients in all areas of equine activity. This includes purchase and sale agreements for horses, partnership agreements, and litigation to protect a client’s interests.  Most recently he has represented clients before the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (“HISA”) as well as its enforcement unit, the Horse Racing Integrity and Welfare Unit (“HIWU”).   Richard Hackerman also has extensive experience representing clients before the Maryland Racing Commission.


Richard Hackerman

Your Top-rated and Highly Trusted Tax and
Bankruptcy in Baltimore, MD

pinupConsulting with Richard Hackerman is a complete game-changer for anyone who is struggling during difficult times. Licensed for 41 years, a highly experienced lawyer, and at the top of his field, Richard Hackerman remains the number one choice in Baltimore. His services are the most sought-after when it comes to Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

1win slotRichard always determines the best course of action and solution. He keeps his clients in the loop during the entire process and helps them make the right decisions toward the best possible results and a higher chance of success. His dedication to working with his clients struggling to settle their debts made him the primary resource for legal details about bankruptcy.

Trusted And Reliable

mostbetCast your worries aside and seek the services of our expert lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland. Knowledgeable about legal proceedings, the top-rated attorney, Richard Hackerman, can craft solutions to your situations and assist you in completing the entire process. For a second chance to have a financially successful future, reach out to our office!

Services and Assistance We Offer

1 winYou know where to find the most trusted lawyer in Baltimore. All you need is Richard Hackerman if you are confused about the complexity of filing for bankruptcy, divorce proceedings, and more! Feel free to reach us at 410-243-8800 for free consultations or to set an appointment. We are at 3635 Old Court Road, Suite 208, Baltimore.

If you think you are bankrupt and would want to declare your situation, it is always better to look for a lawyer who will assist you in your case. Atty. Richard Hackerman is one of the best bankruptcy lawyers to consult. Initially, he will evaluate your case. This is quite important since, first, there are two sorts of bankruptcy – voluntary and involuntary, and there are some circumstances wherein you are not eligible for bankruptcy. In addition to this, bankruptcy laws differ in each state, so it is best that you consult an expert in these matters to make a critical study of your financial position. There is no need for you to look elsewhere because Atty. Richard Hackerman is the best Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer you can find! Contact his offices now and find out how he can help you with your legal issues.